NEPAL TREK TRAILER- This is the story of my travels in Nepal. You will experience the trip through my eyes and you can make up your own mind of the people and nature. The Annapurna circuit is a beautiful trek that goes over a ridge in the end, at an altitude of 5400 meters. Less talk and more pictures!

DAY 0 airport

DAY 1 Arriving

DAY 2 Katmandu

DAY 3 car car car

DAY 5 festival and new friends

DAY 6 ease edit and eat

DAY 7 moving on

DAY 8 the american

DAY 9 time-lapse

DAY 10 point of view

DAY 11 the nepali Snoop

DAY 12 another great day

DAY 13 blablabla vlogging

DAY 14 perfect fries

DAY 15 getting cold

DAY 16 50% oxygen 5400 meter